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Thread: Consist editor sudden death, observed fails that are without explanation.

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    Default Consist editor sudden death, observed fails that are without explanation.

    Of recent I have re-tried the Consist Editor which is part of the TSRE executable.

    I have tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions on a Win7-64 machine. I have also played around with the texture size in the settings.txt file for TSRE.

    The results are not very promising. Perhaps unlike many, but that is not a given I have MANY GB of train shape/texture data. The TSRE program insists on always loading the shape and texture files into the 3D viewer whether the user wants it or not, as you cursor through the list of engines/wagons that you may have. This has several effects as viewed in the Process Explorer(Microsoft/Russonovitch):

    1. A huge amount of private data (memory) can be created in a very short time.

    2. TSRE "seems" to have a memory management system where at some inconclusive time, private data appears to be "cleared" and the amount of memory consumed decreases. This is totally random from the users point of view. Scrolling back and forth in the engine/wagon list will not change memory consumption, if the items are already loaded, but scrolling to an as yet to be loaded engine/wagon "might" trigger this memory management behavior.

    3. The number of handles in the I/O section of the Process Explorer grows by leaps and bounds, and never decreases. I do not know if these are file handles or handles to some other kinds of objects. In my case easily exceeding 5000 before crashing.

    Given the observations above, for some reason and without warning, TSRE just crashes and that is the end of your Consist Editor adventure. The 32 bit version will fail earlier as it has "less" memory to play around with. I have seen the 64 bit version of TSRE climb to 3GB of private data. These crashes cannot be attributed to lack of system memory as the computer in question has 64 GB to work with.

    With the original developer seemingly AWOL, I can only assume that this program was not stress tested with a large amount of data.

    There is one positive thing I can say about TSRE and creating consists, TSRE can be used another consist editor! You simply have to use TSRE as a Shapeviewer only. I find that using Paul Gausden's Shapeviewer takes up to 30 seconds to display a engine/wagon, that is way too long. TSRE loads that same engine/wagon in seconds. I do not know why Paul Gausden's Shapeviewer performs this way in Win 7-64, whereas in WinXP it is much faster.

    Hope this information is useful to whoever may read it.


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    The TSRE consist builder works wonderfully. It's been tested by lot of people.
    Like you I have many GB of stuff in my Trainset folder. Totally unmanageable.
    I finally created a new TRAINS folder with just the things I'll actually use. It's at 4.03 GB as compared to 30 GB. SFM25 even works in it.
    I use the new version of Shapeviewer, for .dds textures, on a win 10 64 pro machine. It's almost instantaneous.
    I don't have new computer equipment.

    Processor = AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor (8 threads, 4 cores, 3.3 GHz) (L1-Cache 384 KB) (L2-Cache 8192 KB) (L3-Cache 8192 KB)
    Memory = 15.9 GB
    Video = NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (4.0 GB RAM) (nvlddmkm

    Edit; Processor is from 2012, video card 2013. Wish I could afford to update.
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    Have had similar issues with my TSRE Consist Editor. It just will not work. I have a lot of rolling stock data as well. I wind up always using Conbuilder, which works fine.
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    I have found the TSRE consist editor makes my laptop run hot and it does sometimes crash, but I've never dived into it like you have. It hasn't stopped me from really really enjoying it.

    The landscape is about to change now that open rails has the ability to pull from multiple trainset folders at once. TSRE is not set up for that.

    Shapeviewer always loads quick enough I've never thought about it.


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    Default Stay on topic please

    I please ask that we keep this thread focused on the performance of TSRE as a consist editor only.

    If someone in their experience has mitigation methods to keep TSRE consist editor from crashing, posting them here in detail is most welcome. "Rdayt" has posted his solution, and I wish I had the courage to do that again! I have already "hidden" some trains and consists from "view" of Open Rails/ MSTS in the past, it is tough to do that!


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    If you are using MSTS, try setting up "miniroutes" so that your rolling stock can be separated according to the routes that need it, making each trainset folder smaller:

    For Open Rails it already handles separate installations so this becomes much easier.

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