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Thread: 11.8 Timetable weather files.

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    Default 11.8 Timetable weather files.

    There is a section in the manual (11.8) on creating timetable weather files. I was looking at this, but I cannot figure it out. Is there any discussion of the step-by-step specifics of creating a weather file? Better yet, has anyone created weather files that could be uploaded to the fl?

    It may have been discussed in the forums, but I can't seem to find it.

    Any information will be appreciated.


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    Hi, yes the weather files, a great future for timetable modes. Here is a few pointers:

    This is a road-map:

    And from there you can find the following link to the discussion and there are few examples if you want to try it:

    Have a great New Year and wishing much health to everybody.

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    Thanks. I have been experimenting with the test file and so far, it seems to work pretty well.


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