I have some sound files (*.sms) that have numerous errors such as missing *.wav files, incorrect number of streams/triggers, and brackets either incorrectly placed or incorrect number of brackets used.

I've corrected most of the errors (missing sound files and incorrect number of streams and triggers), but correcting the brackets error is difficult owing to poor layout of the arguments used.

One such error filled sms file is 710G3B_BNSFcab.sms which is found within the file mlw_710g3abc.zip and is downloadable from the File Library here.

Trying to check brackets used within the sms file 710G3B_BNSFcab.sms is difficult as there are brackets literally all over the place!

Apart from Context, Notepad++, and other similar programs which can locate "paired" brackets, is there other software that can actually check brackets and make (automatic) corrections??