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Thread: About my uploaded activity for Scenic(Everett Local 01)

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    Default About my uploaded activity for Scenic(Everett Local 01)

    I am terribly sorry but i forgot to include the consist in the first upload, i have uploaded a new version with the consist included and hopefully it will be live in the libray soon if all goes well. Until then the needed consist is attached in this post for those who have already downloaded the old version. Unzip and put into your Trains\Consists folder.
    I apologize for the inconveniance and wish you a happy new year!

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    The acts is running fine now. But it has no ending?
    I expected a time critical ending after 1:45 h because of "waiting for new work".

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    Yessir, it ends when the job is done. You get no message telling you that you did a good job just as irl We dont even get paid here in the virtual train universe, atleast irl you would get paid.

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