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Thread: Open Rails rolling stock placement

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjohn View Post
    Extract the "NAVS_Tanker_T112_1bay_BASE" and "NAVS_COMMON" folders directly to your Open Rails "TRAINSET" folder. This is very confusing. under the open rails folder, there is no trainset folder, only in the train simulations folder. Do I have all this stuff in the wrong place?
    ( c: trainsimulations/global/routs/sound/trains)(c: program files (x86) open rails )
    John you haven't given us enough information to give you helpful trying to decipher your posts I'm wondering if this is your question?
    Do you want to install the Navs equipment into the TrainSimulations installation?

    If the answer is yes then the installation path for the Navs equipment would be C:\TrainSimulations\Trains\Trainset --- or where ever you've installed your TrainSimulations routes....their installer usually points to a default place.

    OR itself can have many profiles, each with it's own set of folders -- GLOBAL -- ROUTES -- SOUND -- TRAINS

    The Open Rails program can be installed anywhere you doesn't necessarily have to be in the windows program could install it to C:\ORTS\ORTS_Programs or just C:\ORTS_Programs

    The manual has an excellent introductory section to OR and how to manage its' installation and profiles.
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    Derek; ok now that makes more sense thanks

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