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Thread: Question about signaling on the TGV.

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    Default Question about signaling on the TGV.

    So I know that on the high speed sections of the lines instead of using normal signals they use boards to show where the blocks are because normal signals would be too hard to read. Of course that sorta make sense, but how are the boards any easier to see? Since you have in cab signaling, wouldn't it still make sense to have some type of lighted signals to at least mark where the blocks are?

    I don't really know that much about the TGV but like to drive it in Train Sim.


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    You can't see anything on the lineside at 300kph.

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    The boards are much larger than a lens for any light-based signal. The only time you'd absolutely need to see where a block limit is would be if you had to stop at one, and at that speed, they will be painfully obvious. At most a single light acting as a marker might make sense, but making the board retroreflective would, again, produce a much larger lit object than a light signal (assuming headlights are always used).

    Color-light signals can be found on TGV routes where they share lines with other trains (mostly in and around major terminals), but are extremely unlikely on dedicated high-speed track due to the aforementioned reading difficulty at extreme speed

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