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    Hello everyone,

    I have been working on the Olive Sub between a combined Pacific Surfliner and Cajon Pass route for personal LAN multiplayer usage (weary for public release due to Surfliner's readme of restricting uploads to other libraries). I am still very new to route building, with still a lot more to learn, as I do intend to keep adding to the route that I am currently working on. But, I have ran into an issue of Open Rails almost launching the route, but crashes right before it is done. It was fine until I started working with the signaling (using the Control Signal Normal for end nodes and Control Signal Shunt for coming into the siding, replicating what Surfliner is doing) for the Recycling Plant Siding right off of the FWY 91, and started filling an area with trees. I deleted those signals (not using the hacks button) once I started having the issue, so I think that might be the issue, but I have no clue if it is or how to solve it if it is. I was successful in all other signaling, combining of the routes, track and road construction and scenery of the Olive Sub as I was able to run the route fine. I looked over the log, and the issues just seems to be a combination of those of Surfliner and Cajon Pass, but hopefully, someone else might be able to look at it and see where my issue is. Thank you.
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    Do you have backups?

    If you ever get to a point where the route is crashing on loading, it's time to fall back and go to what was working before.

    I don't think there's a route builder in existence that hasn't had to do that at one point or another and lose hours or months worth of work.

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    That is unfortunate, I do have a back up, but sadly that is from awhile ago. Oh well, thanks for the help.

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    Have the same problem with my route. Guess I'll have to start over from my last backup.

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    Just a suggestion but add these two lines to the settings.txt in the TSRE folder.

    autoFix = true
    loadAllWFiles = true

    Open the route in TSRE and let it do it's thing.
    Check the errors and messages tick box under tools and check what's being repaired.
    This will at least tell you where to start. I hope.

    This may fix it. It's worked for me in the past.

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    It did work to a degree in giving me an error with some scenery objects that where glitched out, and I needed to go to the world file itself and remove them as just clicking on the object made TSRE crash. I resolved those issues, but it returned me back to my original error. I have tried to open trackviewer and it gives me an error at "finding angles to draw signals." And running through an integrity-check, I am getting errors referencing to SignalItems and item-definitions missing in the trackdatabase (which I'll try to solve over the next few days). And I am assuming that the signaling is the main issue that needs to be resolved. But now I am getting an error of "Cannot parse the constant number 1.5 in d:\open rails\routes\solcal\shapes\ci_micant2.s:line 12956." I don't think its critical, but I have not gotten that error in the past and I am concern that it could add onto another issue of the route not loading, or a future issue. But thanks for the suggestion, it put me on a path to try to fix it, and I am still not very experienced in route building so everything helps.

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