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Thread: Activity editor keeps crashing.

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    Default Activity editor keeps crashing.

    So I want to make an activity for Open Rails aka MSTS. It seems the only way to do it is with TSRE5. Which would be great if it didn't crash every time I go into the Service editor. So I load up the program like so, make a new activity and as soon as I start tinkering with the service editor it crashes. Really annoying and I have no idea why it does that.

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    Select first the service you want to edit.
    Otherwise you are editing a NULL service.

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    I've done an investigation and it turns out the crash issues I'm having has to do with the route I'm working on. I go to make an activity on one of the default routes and it works fine. Then I go do the same thing on my downloaded route and it crashes. So I might have to delete the existing activities and services and make new ones. Which I'm fine with as the included ones are garbage anyway.

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