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I fired up Blender the other day, as I want to try and work on buildings in such with a newer up to date program, TSM is good for buildings, but I've grown tired of TSM and it's clunky ways of texturing.

Blender however, may take me a bit to learn.
Hi Shawn,

It took me a while to actually give it an earnest try. I'm no rocket scientist - but I picked up enough to make a model over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

I followed this kid's tutorial - he spoke slow enough and presented the information in a very thorough manner. There's tons of help out there - another perk to Blender - so I'm sure you can find something you like. I think I only used his first three vids before striking out on my own. When I needed to figure something new out - just another search on YouTube.

Blender Beginner Tutorial

One major misconception I had before really trying Blender - was that you had to use the axis on the screen for all movement. While you can - I'm sure almost all use the Middle Mouse Button to navigate.

Middle Mouse (MM)
Press and hold for most movement.
[Shift] and [MM] to pan.
Scroll Wheel to Zoom.

[.] on the Num Pad will center view on selected object - extremely helpful - getting in just the right position in 3DC could be a hassle.

Buildings should be a breeze...

Warning - there is no going back - now when I fire up 3DC I feel like I'm running Windows 3.0.