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Thread: Train Symbol Routing Editor

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    Post Train Symbol Routing Editor

    I have put together a script that will allow users to modify the TrainSymbolRoutings.xml files for Run8 Version 3. It will allow the users the ability to change the symbols necessary for the sims auto dispatcher OTTO to effectively dispatch trains.

    Background: Run 8 V3 ships with TrainSymbolRouting.xml files for each route with a handful of symbols that are pertinent for that area. Each file contains routing points at junctions where trains are to be routed. Within each routing point there are a series of strings that contain either destination symbols (West Coast routes) or train symbols (East Coast routes). With the end user in mind the developers left the files open for editing to allow the addition and removal of symbols as needed. Each TrainSymbolRoutings.xml file can be found in its respective route folder within the V3Routes Folder inside your Run8 directory. The default location is: C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V3 \Content\V3Routes. With my script the end user has the ability to easily edit the symbols in each file without having to worry about XML syntax and the errors may come if the XML is edited incorrectly.

    Support: If you have any questions on how the script works or if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

    Known Issues: At this time the only known issue is when there is a blank string in the TrainSymbolRouting.xml file if a user attempts to delete the blank string it will delete the symbol entry directly above the empty string. To resolve this issue, you must open the TrainSymbolRouting.xml file and delete the empty node manually. A blank string will look like this <string></string>

    Disclaimer: First and foremost I am not liable for any damage to your Run8 installation or your computer. The usage of my scripts is completely optional, and they are not required for you to operate Run 8 V3. By using my scripts, you are agreeing to the above. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES!! This will be crucial if you happen to make a mistake or corrupt the files.


    The script can be accessed here:
    Highball Run 8 - Operations Team

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    I have stuck this here as it is a great tool for editing the TrainRouting XML in your V3 routes folder.
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