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Thread: Cab Views - More than Center/Left/Right?

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    Default Cab Views - More than Center/Left/Right?

    I'm still relatively new to Open Rails but I wanted to ask a little bit about cab views.

    Most of the locomotives that I currently have do not come with 3D cab views. Those that do, with one exception, seem to be simply passenger views that aren't really functional as a cab with interactive controls, etc. I'm not really experienced in editing these but I have started learning to make tweaks and improvements to what I already have from other creators.

    So my questions are this:

    1. Can I create a cab view with more than the usual forward facing and left/right views combined into a single cab? So that, for example, a GP9 could have the normal forward facing drivers view, a conductor view from the left side of the cab looking ahead, a view from the engineer seat looking left, a view looking right, and a view looking to the rear, all in one cabview?

    2. In Open Rails can I have more than one cab view window set up with workable controls in it?

    The original MSTS cabviews obviously sacrificed realism for greater comfort of the PC users at the time. I remember at the time downloading some very VERY early high hood cab that was based very heavily on the MSTS GP38-2 default cab. Some time later I discovered Don Crano and Charlie Sibaja's cab views and converted over to those.

    I then found Streamlines using a more "up close to the windows and out the front" cab view, and have noticed that sometimes the wide angle view of the control stands and levers is great, but at other times it seems preferable to have more of a view of the scenery. I wonder if it's possible to get more than one functional 'window' into a single cab view file to make seamless transitions on the fly possible?

    I am aware that I can create rear facing cabviews so that I can simulate a dual control stand engine, that can be stopped and run from the opposite side in reverse, etc, although this functions as a totally separate cab view and isn't quite what I'm hoping for.

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    You could do what I have been doing for years with MSTS and ORTS . As you say you have 3 inside views and 2 " head outs " . I also use the #5 passenger view inside the cab to give a 360 degree look around including up an down .

    Just a Suggestion !

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    I don't use this feature but the Monogame version of OpenRails allows multiple cabviews and active controls in those views. Check out the following thread at Elvas Tower (

    Hope this helps.

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