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Thread: A question, manual versus power turnout

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    Cool A question, manual versus power turnout


    I am working on version 2 of the CSX KD Subdivision, between Knoxville & Corbin, but I am also
    including the relevant NS lines in the area. One of these is the 20 mile part of the "C" line that
    runs from Knoxville to Clinton, TN. Version 1 contains a little of this line, mainly through Lake
    City (now Rocky Top, TN). On this line are 3 locations where I could not use a #15 M-track
    turnout because of length, nor could I use a pnt10d turnout because of length & track spacing.

    I elected at these locations to use a pnt10d150r turnout but these are only available in manual
    type. All 3 locations are controlled with signals and a close examination of Google Earth shows
    them to actually be (most likely) #12 turnouts. This is a low speed line with a lot of up & down,
    grades up to 1.5%.

    I don't do activities, so how much damage to the activity creator will this situation make, if for
    example he/she elects to have a AI train meet the driven train at a controlled point with a manual
    turnout. Two of the locations are the only passing track on the line and the other is the end of a
    short section of double track at the south end of the Clinch R. bridge in Clinton. There are other
    turnouts to industriral spurs etc. so the dreaded "broken coupler" should not be an issue.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Quote Originally Posted by landnrailroader View Post
    .... There are other
    turnouts to industriral spurs etc. so the dreaded "broken coupler" should not be an issue.

    J. H. Sullivan
    The only bit of knowledge I can offer -- for sure -- in OR there is no "broken coupler" bug that affected MSTS, other than that I can't say.
    Cheers, Gerry
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    I think"manual" means no visible throw mechanism.
    TSRE and OR handle it just like any other switch. Not sure about MSTS, haven't used it since last decade.


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    I also believe that if a question arises about whether a meet on an uncontrolled siding will create problems,ie "cornfields" or "standoffs", then a solution might be to establish "Waiting Points" for your AI Trains. You will have to know approximately how long to time these meets so that you can program the "Wait" appropriately. Brian

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