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    Hey everyone,

    As many of you are aware by now Josh and I are building a Midwest mega route. However we need a ton of custom objects and scenery. I was going to attempt to build some CP and UP Speed signs and Milepost as they are quite different then BNSF versions. I am not sure what I should put it under in TSM? Static Scenery or Animated Scenery? Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advanced.


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    The CP speedposts I've seen look fairly similar to BNSF, but I've only seen them on Paynesville Sub., which is freight-only (I think they do multiple limits differently?). I've got a sizeable set of BNSF speedposts done (one of a couple classes of track signs I've yet to release), and some CP ones with only one set of numbers. I usually texture the numbers, making the sign a static object, on and bury the speedpost interactive shape.

    Since I don't use TSM, I don't know the answer to that question. I don't assume it would need to be animated unless it's very windy in your route

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    It is a static shape that goes in the shapes folder and you make entries for it in your speedpost.dat file.



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