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    Default Gate Crossings

    some of the routes i am playing on open rails some of the gate crossings flashers stop flashing back and forth is there a way to fix that to get the crossing gates flashing again.

    Any Suggestions,


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    Some crossing shapes are defective or were not configured when the route was built. Contacting the route author may be helpful.
    Use one of the route editors to replace the crossings that don't work with a shape that does work.

    This could also be caused by the route author failing to setup the properties of the crossing correctly.
    Fixing this would also require the use of one of the current route editors, either the MSTS Editor of TSRE5.
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    There seemed to be a bug recently that threw flashers out of whack (including my own, which definitely did work). A newer version of OR likely patch that

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    I recall that issue with non-flashing signals , that JDark is referring to , when Open Rails first came onto the scene. Open Rails couldn't parse the number of the animation in the shape file. The solution back then was to replace that parsed number with a whole number. I still see older routes with this issue.


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    Leaning along the same lines as Peter. But we will never know for sure, because no exemplary route is ever identified.

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    The Fantasii routes located in the file library contain the repaired shape files.
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