When I was making the activities for the FJGv2 I was able to work from the first act file to crate the second and so on. This involved using the switch list to place the rollingstock that was spotted during the day, delete those cars from the interchange, and add the next batch of interchange cars to the leftovers from the day before. The FJ&G is great for this sort of thing, anything coming in gets spotted for a couple of days before going out, about 15 cars at a time.

That is enough to be able to do in your head. Doing this for a larger route where you may be spotting 50 plus cars on a road switcher would be too much to handle and I was hoping to find some way of making it easier.

I have suggested this before and there is(was) a member of the OR design team that said he could probably write a program for it to generate activities based on the one from the "day before" but he was too busy to do it.

It's never made much sense to me that a person takes a couple of thousand hours to create a route, makes twenty hours worth of activities for it, then the end user of the route stops using it after completing the few activities that came with the route.