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    Can anyone give the realistic physics CODING PART that is used in ENG file of any loco in msts/OR........I MEAN THE VALUES OF all MAX FORCE, VELOCITIES, CHARGE RATE, etc..........

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    The required data will vary according to locomotive class. Best option is to open an eng file of a known loco and compare it with the real world figures.
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    There are examples of MSTS style ENG files ( North American Locomotives only ) in the using "boudoin" or physics. Bob Boudoin has released many standard engine files with proper physics.

    for example: MSTS Version 4.8 6-Axle AC Physics >>> in the library.

    ...and MSTS Version 4.7 EMD SD Series Physics >>>

    Are you looking for advanced physics for OR? If so, you will need to study Chapter 8 in the manual --- especially the section on the "ORTS Diesel Engine Definition"

    You will need to search the internet for engine manuals and specifications for the locomotives you are interested in. This is routine for the users interested in realistic physics.
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