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Thread: Loco missing in loco change activity

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    Default Loco missing in loco change activity

    second loco not showing in any activity that contains a loco change. any solution guys??

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    Hi sagar923,
    What route? What activity? What loco? Which sim? (although, I assume, Open Rails is the answer to this one!).

    Just a little more information would be of great help, because, as far as I know, none of us can read your mind, or see what you're running


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    I tried deoli route, the royal Rajasthan route, irv2 route in openrails. second loco, which I have to use after loco change, in every activity of loco change in any route with any loco, don't show in game. in consist editor that loco is placed on right place but while playing loco is missing.

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    Download Ged Saunders' Activity Manager from this site ( and run the activities through it, it will show any errors such as missing stock, etc.

    The Open Rails log should also flag any discrepancies.

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