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    Just a few photos of the last two excursions that US Sugar has run with the 148. At over 100 years old this locomotive still performs like a champ.

    light move for servicing in Clewiston

    The old and the less old. 312 is an ICG Paducah built GP10

    Running around its train in Moore Haven to pull it backwards back to Clewiston. This was the first truly public excursion with tickets priced at $48 per person and all 6 trips over the course of two days (320 seats total) selling out in under 45 minutes.

    Pulling the AAPRCO "Sugarland Limited" excursion on its second day, the train puts on a show during a photo runby in Lake Harbor, FL.
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    Nice looking engine.
    Do you know anything about its history?

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