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Thread: DieselWest website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt35ge View Post
    For those new to MSTS/OR. Diesels West is really not worth the time and problems. Once a great place to shop, that stopped some 3-5 years ago. There are many other payware vendors out there that make great content and it's usually hassle free to make a purchase. West Colton. You'll have to make activities yourself since it's a real chore to get the activities and required items from DW. It's rather simple to do and there are a few utilities that can help you with that.
    This is some sizeable information. Honestly, looking through all the hoops I MIGHT to jump through to wipe the dust off of these old MSTS routes to make them work for OR seemed like a real pain. I looked at some videos regarding activity making. It seems daunting at first, but it might be worth playing with if I could get some downtime from work. The sky is the limit with that. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyRam View Post
    The Colton Route -
    The packs are from Dieselswest

    If you re-read his post you'll see that he's got West Colton and is after the DW stuff.
    If you read a little further on you'll see that DW are no longer in the business of supplying their defunct products.
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    If you like yard switching, and other yard activities, the West Colton is a good route to have. There is an activity template at Skyline Computing.

    Almost all the activities that were available from DW used the "SP packs" ( there were four plus some other additions ) that were sold by Diesels West. You could probably sub in equipment from the TS library or SLI payware ( pre TrainSimulations ). The route itself has some nice features, although there are places for improvements for those knowledgeable about using the Route Editors ( TSRE or the MSTS RE ).
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    I am IN FACT an avid yard switcher enjoyer....haha. Something about breaking down a huge consist and sorting it into little cuts and doing the converse of that brings me a form of inner peace nothing else can.

    This is the berries right here. Thank you very much.

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