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    I want to attach window glass to any loco/coach window..... Can you pls help me about that how want to make window glass which is neither too transparent nor too opaque..... Just translucent means that it can be seen the interior from outside partially....... What we have to do to create this type of window glass IN TGA Tool..... Or any Adobe Photoshop??????

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    There are a number of variables involved in getting translucent texture colour but basically the alpha channel of the graphic file controls how much of the colour in the graphic file is displayed as transparent or translucent. The alpha channel has to be 8-bit for translucency as a 1-bit alpha channel only gives you transparent. The darker the shade of grey in the alpha channel the more translucent the underlying colour of the texture. If the 3D model is not one you created then there is more work required in changing the shader type on the 3D shape itself.

    Search the forums for '8-bit' and/or 'alpha' and there are a number of informative posts that should help.

    Here is one I found to start you off.



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