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Thread: Missing HRS CSX scenery

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    Default Missing HRS CSX scenery

    Hi guys I am facing some trouble with my v3 installation.

    Below is my entire installation procedure :

    1 - Installation of run8 v3 on my D: drive
    2 - Creating the fake v2.exe file within the v3 installation folder alongside the v3.exe (John G. recommended procedure)
    3 - Installation of the A-Line DLC in the v3 folder
    4 - Installation of the 031315 A-Line update in the v3 folder
    5 - Installation of the 111916 A-Line update in the v3 folder
    6 - Installation of the 080817 A-Line update in the v3 folder
    7 - Installation of the Waycross DLC in the v3 folder
    8 - Installation of the 090718 Waycross update in the v3 folder
    9 - Re-Installation of the run8 v3 pointing the v2 DLC install path to the v3 install path

    At that time the V2Routes folders installed by the DLCs got deleted and copied into the V3Routes folders. Looking good so far !

    10 - Installation of the Run8 update 02
    11 - Installation of the 042922 A-Line/Waycross update

    Launching the game for the first time, I am missing scenery on the Waycross map (ACE Pole, Gilman Bros, etc.) that should be coming with the 090718 Waycross update.

    If someone can help me figuring this out , It would be appreciated.

    Kind regards.

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    I had a similar problem with missing scenery when map jumping or moving quickly in free cam.
    It was solved after running the V3 installer/updater, which I had forgotten o do.
    So worth doing that again as a first step.

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    Alright quick update to tell you that the issue is solved for now.

    For the newcomers that just get run8 v3 and want to install the HRS A-Line/Waycross route set. Below the correct way to do it.

    NOTE: Until Hyrail Simulation put a new update online, you need to have the old v3 route updates files before proceeding !!!

    Follow the steps from my post above up to the installation of the main route installers (A-Line and Waycross DLC).

    - install the routes DLC.
    - install the v3 update 030922;
    - install the v3 update 042822;
    - install the v3 update 042822C;
    - then install the v3 update 042922.

    ACE Pole_Jesup.jpg





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    Most of these are non default installs that we have been encountering

    the default install is C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V3 so look to see if the files went there
    Jason Webb
    HyRail Simulations

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