About 18 months ago, I released a route, started by Dudley Evans, which covered the KD Division (now subdivision
of CSX) from Corbin, KY to Knoxville. I included a little SR along with it. Now I am working on an expanded version
of that route which covers Corbin, KY to Etowah, TN which was the entire length of the Knoxville Division, i.e. the KD
line. This is now the KD subdivision of CSX. I have fleshed out the SR line to include Harriman Jct. to Clinton to
Knoxville which I released as separate route a decade or so ago and a little bit of the Hook & Eye line and the Etowah
to Atlanta line just so activities could start "off stage". I am also including Clinton to Jellico to the ARCO coal mine.
This latter location opened in 11/67 and one of the first movements to the ARCO mine was a test train consisting of
some "F" units and the R-1 geometry car which I managed. Arco produced a unit train of coal every few days until
the early 1990s and the line up Tackett Creek is now abandoned. Some other branches and the Knoxville to
Middlesboro, KY line are included. Earlier in 2022, Clinton to Fonde, KY and Knoxville to Middlesboro were leased
or sold to R. J. Corman and now form two Tennessee lines of that company.

Look for release late in 2022 or early 2023.

J. H. Sullivan, P.E.
retired from CSX & SR
docent, C&TS RR