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Thread: ORTS TrackViewer is too complex

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    The home page has two free route downloads that include the route, equipment and activities all ready to go.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hidetoshi6721 View Post
    Actually, I'm a young learner. I did read (not really) the basics. But there are some questions the manual can't answer. If I ask them here, the list won't end. The best example of such a situation would be when loading the .tdb file of a route and then it lists the stations. Now, how would I know if I need to remove the stations I don't want in my activity, or it's just like a reference that the editor will use to list all of the stations and I can choose where to stop later on?
    If you want to remove a station from the timetable, simply right-click the row occupied by the station you want to delete in the timetable file, and select "Delete Row".

    Before asking anything else, I strongly, strongly suggest you do some reading in the manual.
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    Search 'timetable mode' in the file library, there's a bunch of them.

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