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Thread: About inserting rainy texture on the train texture body in OR

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    Default About inserting rainy texture on the train texture body in OR

    I have created a basic train model in blender....When i am playing this train model in rainy season in OR,,,,. I am not getting the rainy texture on this train model....... Can anyone suggest me how to create rainy texture and also it's coding part in eng file on this train model so that THIS RAINY TEXTURE VISIBLE ONLY IN RAINY WEATHER.....??????pls reply

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    I don't believe they have made programmable textures yet.
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    As far as I know with the current state of textures/seasons available, you will need two shape files, one for normal and the other for rain. Textures are called by the S file and normally reside in the same folder as the shape ( S ) file. You need to make the rainy textures, name them a bit different to the originals, then open the S file and change the tile calls to use your new rainy textures.

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