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Thread: What should I use for renumbering and moving Logo's on locomotives.

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    Default What should I use for renumbering and moving Logo's on locomotives.

    Just trying to find out what is a good program to use for stuff like moving Logo's in the wrong spot and also renumbering locomotives.

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    You'll need a program to export the .ace files to an editable format. Shapeviewer works good for that. The dds capable one (see below) is over at ET
    You'll need a graphics editing program to edit the image. I use PaintDotNet. It'll do anything you'll want to do, it uses .dds natively (see below) and it's free.
    Once you're done editing you have a decision to make. If you use OpenRails you can just save the new image as a .dds and use that instead of converting to a .ace.
    If you go this route you will have to be able to uncompress the shape file (.s) to be able to tell it to use .dds instead of .ace.
    Sounds confusing. It's not. It's available over at ET also.
    If you go with this you will need ffeditc_unicode.exe that comes with MSTS. SFM25 uses it to uncompress the .s file. There is an alternate available. I haven't used it. At ET
    If you are an MSTS user, or you just want to stick with the .ace format, then you will need a program to convert the paint program output to an ace. AceIT is a great little program for that. You can get it here at TS

    This should get you started.


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