I took a look via Google at some photos from the area and think the route is visually close. The palette and placeables could use an update- there are some decent enough 3D trees along the route but more 2D (1D?) fillers that encroach the trackage at times. The palette sure could use some updated textures, including rough rock, rock faces, etc. Maybe a smoothing tool as well? That might be limited tho since the game is primarily designed for MP, is it not? Maybe it's done so someone with a potato system/connection can have rendering equal to a higher end machine/connection so as to not bork out and affect others? That's assuming the game is client based rather than server.

Anyway, I've made a couple of end to end runs now and find that after a few minutes I'm well immersed, usually getting cussed out by Otto, and too busy to be a tourist lol. I do like this addition.