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Thread: Run 8 Wellcar Pack not received!

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    Angry Run 8 Wellcar Pack not received!

    Long story short, I bought Wellcar Pack 3 for Run 8 V3. Got the auto receipt, and waited 24 hours. Didn't get the download link. Tried pasting my transaction id in the download link for Run 8 installer, but didn't work. I noticed that there was no transaction ID in the links when I purchased my other items. I don't know what to do.

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    I think your only option is to try and go through Run 8 support.

    The store should open into a page with the D/L link when the transaction completes and the email receipt you receive should also have the link. If neither of those have occurred then only Run 8 can solve the mystery.

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    email [email protected], its most likely a glitch and john will send you the link
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