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Thread: Japanese Rail Sim

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    I found this "pseudo-simulator" quite enjoyable, especially since I have no time to set up MSTS or OpenRails.
    For a review:
    1. There are five routes available, two shorter ones (Eizan Line forward/backward) and three longer ones (Kurama Line forward/backward/forward in springtime). The springtime route is very enjoyable, as it it filmed at noon, on a sunny day. The other routes were filmed around late summer or early autumn, with an overcast sky or close to sunset. They are okay, in fact they get better every time you drive them... but also see my remarks below.
    2. The trains have decent weight/momentum. The timetables are generous. I don't know if there is anything else to say.
    3. I can only compare the game to "Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail" as I have not played any other pseudo-simulators. Railfan has more arcade elements and also the image (video) is processed. Japanese Rail Sim is more realistic, which I appreciate, because it motivates me more. There are other games I can play if I want action, but for relaxation or listening to some podcasts for work, Japanese Rail Sim has no competition until I reinstall MSTS.
    4. What surprised me coming from MSTS* is that both "Japanese Rail Sim Journey to Kyoto" and "Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail" are dreadfully depressing: imperfect architectures, bored and unfit people, dirty or "used up" stations, dilapidated buildings (especially in Taiwan...), gloomy weather...
    5. Sorry for the English.

    *I also played Trainz and BVE... but these (including MSTS) I enjoyed more than 10 years ago! I am really happy to see this site is still alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamonly View Post
    .....Sorry for the English.
    Good grief! You have nothing to apologise for!
    If English is not your first language then you are handling it beautifully; better than many who were brought up speaking nothing else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seagoon View Post
    Good grief! You have nothing to apologise for!
    If English is not your first language then you are handling it beautifully; better than many who were brought up speaking nothing else.
    Thank you, it's my second language. Seems like Cartoon Network is paying off

    I played MSTS for a few days so I can come back with some updates.
    - The feeling of speed in Japanese Rail Sim is excellent; going 35km/h feels like going 100km/h in MSTS...
    - Dynamic Braking! I played MSTS a long time ago and forgot that only the Dash 9 had such a thing... using "normal" brakes all the time (Acela & Odakyu) makes me feel like a barbarian; I admit that if there was no dynamic braking, Japanese Rail Simulator would be VERY disappointing
    - You get rewarded for stopping in the right place and in the right time (while most stations are level, there are some on an incline); not only it is fun, but I discovered it's a skill that transfers very easily to MSTS
    - Children running to school and other stuff happening
    - You can't turn off the visual "driving aids" completely
    - The technology they used to record the routes doesn't seem too advanced, and you can't look left or right...

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    Children running to school? Does that mean there are actual moving people?

    I'm still curious if that speeds and slows relevant to the train? Perhaps it's an animation added onto the video which is impressive.

    It's understandable that you can't look left and right. Now what would be really impressive is if they managed to have one of those 360 degree cameras recording all of this.

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    They are children on the video footage, not superimposed... but as it's technically a light rail / tram line, there is a lot of stuff happening on the streets. They don't look uncanny at a pretty big speed range, especially if they are near the station. Unfortunately most of the people on stations have their faces blurred.

    A 360 camera would give a very low image quality but they could have rented an ultrawide cinema lens for a 60fps SLR... that way we could have front-looking quality as good as it is now (i.e. iphone-video-written-to-a-DVD...) with two slimmer side views, with a bit less detail.

    Also, wasn't mentioned, the reward margins are
    arriving within 50cm of marker
    arriving within 1m of marker
    arriving within 3 seconds of timetable
    arriving within 10 seconds of timetable
    Compared to that, in MSTS you can overrun the station by a whole train's length and "there is nothing to see here folks!"

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