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Thread: Cloudflare keeps checking firefox browser

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    Default Cloudflare keeps checking firefox browser

    Why does my browser keep having to be checked by cloudfare. Logging in, changing threads, going to the library, choosing new posts...why why why?
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    it's been doing this cloudflare crap for awhile now. Started after the "new and improved upgrade" that caused us all quite a headache for a few days. Don't know if it's related to that or not...... Otherwise, the badies continue to either hack or keep trying to hack the servers and the site. Last few days it does it's thing 4 times before going to the site. It's annoying, but appears to be the only safeguard to keep the site secure. A better solution is needed if it's a security concern.

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    Originally this was for DOS ( denial of service ) attack, I don't know what it is now.

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    Please see

    For more info. locking this thread as there is another one already going.. Thanks


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