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Thread: Maple Leaf Tracks Sale + circus and Rocky Mountaineer trainsets

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    Default Maple Leaf Tracks Sale + circus and Rocky Mountaineer trainsets

    Hi guys,

    Just a heads up that MLT have a 30% off sale running for July 1st - 4th. They also have the Ringling Bros circus trainset and Rocky Mountaineer trainset available on those dates according to the email I received today.


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    And it's even cooler if they haven't blocked your account for some unknown reason, and won't respond to emails at all when you ask why. You even go so far as trying to create an account,, thinking maybe there was a mistake, and you still don't hear anything.

    I mean, apart from working for TrainSimulations, I can't think for the life of me as to what I may have done to upset the Dodds
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    Hello there guys, I got similar prob. Can someone advice me any help?
    Hi guys! Check reliable sites for more details.

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