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Thread: WIP- NS SD70ACe Renumbers Pk1-4

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    Post WIP- NS SD70ACe Renumbers Pk1-4

    PK 1 1100-1109
    PK 2 1110-1115* Includes the Barcode Unit
    PK 3 1116-1135*Mega Set
    PK 4 1136-1149

    All Unit Numbers are from

    i will do say You Will need the Locomotive NS_SD70ACe_1014 From the SLI NORFOLK SOUTHERN HORSESHOE CURVE Train Set.

    Right Now THere Pretty Soled Units I do have to Fix NS_SD70ACe_1100 Before Release and

    Ill Say the Credits for SLI for the Base Model and Pete Willard of the Fonts

    Open Rails 2022-06-29 05-26-50.jpg

    i am Aware of the Problem and Will Swiftly Fix it

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    1107 2 More Left to go

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    Pack 2 Will not be Released becuase of Issues so Im stepping away from the ORTS Community sorry

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