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Thread: No extended shape data for eheidi.s

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    ... and the vast majority of routes over there are sold for money.
    Excuse me but the vast majority of routes ( and rolling stock! ) available for Open Rails are free!
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    Quote Originally Posted by steamonly View Post
    R. Steele, sorry if I upset you. I only tried OpenRails because you said "development has made serious efforts to accommodate legacy MSTS activities and equipment"... but if "serious efforts" means that I have to move my eyes every time I move a control with a shitty cursor you put there, we have a serious problem.. and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately I recognize that despair in promoting your product is one of the risks of open source development ~ just like LibreOffice is trying to undercut Apache OpenOffice with half-truths and falsehoods, while offering an inferior product ~ and also recognize that it is better that you offload your "contributions to humanity" into OpenRails instead of something that may hurt real-life communities or nature in the long run
    To: Michael R. Steam~ed: aka "steamonly"
    Subject: Choose one -- icebergs, libre vs apache, humanity, ad hominem arguments, improper use of personal pronouns, shallow thinking...and the list goes on.

    [to rephrase what a wise colleague of mine recently posted...these will be my last words on the subject]

    My Dear Child: Apology accepted, but unwarranted. Not upset at all, but nice of you to think of me.
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    Cheers, Gerry
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    Okay enough of the bickering... Move on... Thread closed.....
    Dave Edwards

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