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Thread: Easy Fix for End-end, vector-non vector etc. errors

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    Cool Easy Fix for End-end, vector-non vector etc. errors

    By choice I still do most of my route creation with MSTS/RE. Today, in a route that started by adding on to an existing
    route which had interactives installed, I came to a orphan blue pole and when I selected the piece on one side, RE
    crashed, and when I selected the other, I got the end-end error.

    On a hunch, I went into TSRE and deleted both track pieces. Saved & exited. Then when I went into RE the pieces
    and the blue pole were gone, so I reinserted the offending pieces and the problem was solved. There is way to solve
    this that is explained in the Steam4Me site in Australia and it often involves erroneous Matrix 3x3 errors. Make sure
    the route is backed up before you try ANYTHING.

    Since interactives are present elsewhere in the route I could not use the "Hack" function.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Hi Jerry,

    You could have used the TSRE "Hack Function" as it can be limited to a single track vector
    There were many (hundreds) of these errors throughout the PRR-East route at the beginning of my repair efforts . . .
    All were successful.

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