I have downloaded the INLAND STEEL sets of the 100 ton NAVS hopper cars. I put all the folders (NAVS_100T4_INLX, NAVS hopper_100t_Quad_type1_base, NAVS freight car sounds and NAVS core/locomotive sounds) into the TRAINS folder.

I know, before somebody jumps, I AM using Open Rails to run, and the two GOKU Editors as required.

I see the listings of the WAG files in the Consist Editor for the 4 Inland hoppers, but the thumbnail picture of the car does not show in the right pane when the car is selected from the list. Is that not supposed to happen because of the DDS files instead of ACE??? Or are the cars actually there to fall into a consist??

............or am I missing something, as the 4 INLX car file only has WAG (LD, MT) and 2 DDS files......no S or SD???

Thanks for your help to straighten this out, but this new method stuff is "killing" after you've spent many years working things the other way. Still can't understand what they've done to the text in the WAG and ENG files