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    Hi everyone,

    I've recently gotten back into Run8, my question now is, are there any scenarios which cover the entirety of SoCal? The ones im using (BUSY BARSTOW & Default Route Session) don't cover all the subs.

    If so, are there any communities which dedicate themselves to release scenarios? And where would I find them?
    A simple google search certainly hasn't helped me as much.

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LewdNekos View Post
    Hi everyone,

    I've recently gotten back into Run8, my question now is, are there any scenarios which cover the entirety of SoCal? ...
    In short, no; there aren't any which include action on every subdivision at the one time.

    You would be best advised to create your own "World".
    Start with one of the default worlds (Busy Barstow, for example) and add to it. Create consists at different locations on all the subs, give them AI crews, save the World and go from there.
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    Thank you for the help, one question remains, will the AI consecutively spawn in or will I manually have to do so?

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    In addition to the AI locations that come with Run8, you can add to or delete. Automatic train spawning can be turned on or off, but you need to setup trains first. Once set up, they can be manually spawned, you can click on any drivable train and turn it into an AI or create a train in the consist editor and place it as an AI. The learning curve is steep, but lots of help is out there. I recommend joining Depot server. It is dedicated exclusively to Run8, has all the answers and a bunch of guys willing to help, and access to pre-populated worlds/consist, maps & configuration files for download.

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    Most all the questions you have asked are answered in the PDF's supplied with Run8. There are different servers out there besides the Depot that are willing to help and Highball is also one. I don't recommend just one server but find one that works for you.
    AI trains you create in the AI generator and with V3 many changes so I recommend reading up on the changes from V2 to V3. Now with V3 there is AI humping and Otto your system dispatcher who loves lining you thru a siding when nothing is on the main but thats half the fun with Otto.
    Here are BNSF symbols to go by

    Here are UPRR symbols to go by a work in progress reference for equipment

    When you have created your AI symbolled trains and Enabled AI and set the timer for the first train to spawn and the time before the next train spawns and then set your count to 99. Most of the routes have Spawn points already set but again alot of good information available in the User Guides.

    Good luck and enjoy
    Work Safe play hard

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    Hi there. This link may have what you are looking for.

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