Hi All,

I'm having a bit of a problem modifying an animated switchstand. I downloaded an animated switchstand by Hank Sundermeyer and Gary Sprandel, installed it, added the sigcfg and sigscr entries. installed one on the new route and it worked fine.

I drew my own base and head and changed the .s file name in the sigcfg file to the name I gave my HEAD1 shape. I delete's the original switchstand from my route, installed a new base, and added the new HEAD1... but it's not rotating when the switch is thrown!

My problem is I have no way to know if the head is supposed to be animated, and if so how many frames. When I open Hank's HEAD1 in sView the hierarchy shows MAIN to SIGNAL to HEAD1. What is "SIGNAL", is this just a dot that I draw and call it SIGNAL or is this actially something, it doesn't show in sView.

Paul :-)