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Thread: How to make the AI train uncouple processing successfully in Open Rails?!

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    Default How to make the AI train uncouple processing successfully in Open Rails?!

    Hello everyone, can anyone tell me how to use the Track Viewer tool software that comes with the Open Rails program to make a path file package that can automatically uncouple with the AI train. I tried the Path Editor, which is in the timetable mode creation button bar, but I don't know Exactly how to set up correctly, I hope the expert guide, Thanks a lot in advance. By the way, how to use the Timetable (mode) Editor tool software that comes with the Open Rails program to correctly create the timetable mode file package that uncouple with the AI train, that is, how to enter the correct control to realize the uncouple processing into the Spreadsheet What about the content of the command statement? ! I hope that you experts/geniuses can explain it with best specific examples or typical case demonstrations here. Thank you very much for valuable help! I'm looking forward to your reply here. See you. Good luck

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    There is too much to go into, and I don't know your experience level with OR. Best for you to read the manual.

    manual section >> 10.13 Extended AI Train Shunting

    Basically the procedure involves inserting a specific type of waiting point ( WP ) in the path of the AI train...quoting from the manual

    To uncouple a predefined number of cars from an AI train, a special waiting point (WP) has to be inserted. The format of this waiting point (in decimal notation) is usually 4NNSS, where NN is the number of cars in front of the AI train that are NOT uncoupled, locomotive ncluded, and SS is the duration of the waiting point in seconds
    You have some reading to do.
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    There is a lot more to making AI couple and uncouple in Timetable mode than in static activities. You're going to have to be knowledgeable in creating timetables in the first place, creating platforms at the specific locations on the route where you want the shunting to occur, and knowing the commands to assign the AI in the timetable to enable them to couple and uncouple. Note that AI will not couple to static consists unless it is specifically commanded to do so in the timetable, and only to a particular consist specified in the timetable, and only at platform locations mentioned earlier.

    I'm being very basic here, there is a lot (and I mean, a lot) to go over regarding coupling and uncoupling in Timetable mode. It is not so simple and straightforward as one may think at first. Fortunately, all of this is covered in detail in the OR manual. This is the best way of learning, frankly.
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