I take you back to the Fall of 1995, specifically September 1995, just before parents Burlington Northern Inc. and Santa Fe Pacific Corporation were acquired on September 22, 1995 by the new Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation. This is the tenth segment of the 1995 Westbound Southwest Chief, "End of the Road". We start at the Barstow, CA Amtrak Station and proceed across the subdivision to Los Angeles Union Station. Again, the weather is clear, and you depart on time from Barstow. The activity ends at LA Union Station.

For the route I used Cajon Pass 4 (yes I know it's updated for BNSF, but there are many updates in this route), based on the freeware ATSF - Cajon Pass by Patrick Wise, and updated by Charlie Sibaja. In this activity you'll make the dash across Cajon pass and into LA. Leaving Barstow you'll meet a bunch of East ATSF/UP trains but your on double track so this will not present a problem. There is only three intermediate stops between Barstow and LAUS for Amtraks #3, so this will be a quick dash across the pass. The challenge is to time your arrival into Fullerton to slot yourself into the commuter traffic and to avoid sitting at the red signal.

In the "Please-read-me-first.txt" file there is a line in paragraph 2 that deals with the Trainset folder....("The TRAINSET folder contains 14 equipment folders that you can place in the |Trains\Trainset folder for the Surfliner route. All of these equipment folders were downloaded from")...Please ignore these lines....

yes in my zest to get this out I screwed up the text file....but I'm not going to change it....anyway....

The file is uploaded and should be available in the next day or so.

It's been a great ride from Chicago to Los Angeles. I've learned a lot about building much so I'm deeply involved into learning the OpenRails code so that I can assist in the development of a new Activity Editor tool that would be a one-stop application to building activities in the future.....but that is a work in progress..

I've already started another Activity and am about half finish with that one...(only one segment there...). I want to thank everyone who has downloaded the Southwest Chief from 1995.

aka Barry LeBoeuf