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Thread: UK Trainsim dead? - Never received account creation confirmation email

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernWarrior View Post
    I was being ironic...
    I knew you were Vern, i was being nasty. DTG does that to me, even more than N$V

    Yma O Hyd

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    Quote Originally Posted by magmateus View Post
    Good afternoon.
    The site is still working correctly.
    At September 04 I download the last file inserted on Library (we must have an user name and a password).
    Best regards.
    Which is the problem the OP is describing. He cannot get his username and password on the system as it appears it has to be approved by a "live" person, not an automated system and no one is home, so to speak.

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    Yes it's unfortunate but nothing lasts forever. I have recently uploaded my wagon and carriage models to Train Sim Safe House - - as I have assumed that UK TrainSim will slowly wither and die!
    Creating L&YR Wagons - see HERE and L&NWR Coaches - see HERE.

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    Just sent them a direct email stating that I would like them to either activate my account and provide me access to the file library, or to delete the account credentials I used to sign up for the site. Not holding my breath about getting a response, though I really do find it quite s****y that they would not bother to stop people from signing up, and instead let dozens of emails and personal information just accumulate on a server/site run by an individual who doesn't even want it anymore.

    Sighhh....well as I said before, thanks to everyone for your help, and here's to hoping that the files on UKTS somehow find a away to survive its inevitable demise.

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