Sorry for the complete radio silence. Life has gotten busy, as it tends to do. I've been enjoying the post-graduation life and getting into the workforce.

I've recently been cleaning out my closet of old projects and found what is (pretty much) the final version my Mullan Pass timetable. I decided might as well give it a once-over before finally untangling the mess in the file library here. The old versions and updates of the timetable have been removed, and I'll be uploading what is pretty much the finished version. I was very unsatisfied with how confusing the installation process was, with how many seperate downloads there were in the library, and thought it was unfair to leave it up without doing anything about it, as well as not fixing some of the bugs that have been fixed from the last release.

The one major notable change is that I've made the install much cleaner now by using a simple Clickteam installer. Now it's just a few clicks to get installed, and if you wish to remove it, it's as easy as running the uninstaller instead of hunting down and deleting individual files. Outside of that, it's just small tweaks and changes to make the timetable run smoother.

I'm hoping to get it out on the library in the next week or so, there are still a few things I'd like to check before I give it the all-clear.