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Thread: Can't get Open Rails 1.4 to run at all on Windows 7

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    Personally, I agree with Geepster's viewpoint in practice -- it's not reasonable to expect developers to be able to test against an operating system that's no longer commercially supported by Microsoft.

    The problem is that PC's aren't going obsolete as quickly as they were ten years ago. And with inflation at a 40 year high, spending on a new PC just isn't in the budget for many of us older folks...

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    I agree with his viewpoint in practice too. I just thought there were less damning ways to say it.

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    Hardnosed, but honest....geepster never identified as a member of the diplomatic corps.
    Cheers, Gerry
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    Quote Originally Posted by geepster775 View Post
    It is waaaay past time for the Open Rails effort to develop the same freedom and aerodynamics as these other new sims enjoy by not being bogged down with time-wasting challenges created by various intermittent users who simply are unable or unwilling to pull their own weight in procuring reasonably current hardware (< 7 yrs age).
    Well, if you weren't grumpy with the previous post, it's certainly come to the fore in this one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geepster775 View Post
    Your Open Rails fortunes improve dramatically when the specifically chosen PC to run it on isn't quite so 'dusty' on purpose.

    If the only reason you are choosing 'dusty' hardware is to accommodate other 'dusty' software because of some perceived dependency, then stop right there and head directly to jail. Best case scenario is use your 'dusty PC' with its MSTS install to run all the batch files that MSTS grade 'library routes' need and then zip those complete, asset-populated routes back up and move them to safe storage on a fresher, not-so-dusty PC for everyday simming.

    If 'dusty' hardware is all you can afford, then stop wasting time with train games until that underlying life situation gets the attention and fix it requires.


    There are times I wish the dev team would increase the minimum hardware requirements just to avoid hardware patch drama like this

    By comparison to Sleepy's gear, my MSTS-era hardware was a 2005 WinXP Athlon 64 with a 7800GS card. 7800 was tops as the PC had an AGP graphics slot (not PCI-e) and the 7800 was the highest AGP card made. It would barely run Open Rails and the shadows looked extremely muddy. That AGP slot forced me to buy a whole new Win8/Win11-grade PC with GTX900-grade video rather than 'get by' with a $120 xx00GS to GT1030 video upgrade.

    Every other train sim franchise out there requires a minimal degree of financial bona fides just to enter and participate. Open Rails is free, but the minimum hardware required should be higher and represent a significant investment for any user IF THE USER DESIRES ONGOING SUPPORT. That's not to say Open Rails won't run on lesser hardware, but if a dusty computer in the corner of the closet or a $120 upgrade to a GT1030 is all you can swing, then you should be on your own and not consume precious time of support volunteers. That time spent nowadays supporting hardware basket cases like what Sleepy brings to the table should be better spent diagnosing and perfecting derailment physics or fully testing new features like the container loading/unloading module instead.

    No other sim franchise has a fictitious mandate to bring all stone-age stragglers forward into the fold, or tolerates the sacrificing of forward exploration (new features) in order to provide unique care and comfort solutions to backwards-facing elements (hardware deadbeats, religious MSTS compatibility). While the code may be free, if you want the ongoing support, make the appropriate investments.

    It really wasn't necessary to be so cantankerous in expressing this. I don't disagree with it in principle, but jesus, calm down...

    I built a Win10 machine but preserved the Win7 desktop, and a Win7 laptop, for older software that I still use, including Open Rails, which runs just fine on it. It's not that a big deal and there certainly isn't anything wrong with it.
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    Enough judging on tone and delivery, folks

    Being Cranky and irritable are allowed. For some of us, it's expected.

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    In general, the better the computer, along with a good graphics card, the smoother the sim will operate. I first got into MSTS in 2006. I was in a nursing home at the time. Medicaid had over billed me and with the refund I got a really crap computer, a E-Machines brand. All I could afford which falls back on some of what's been said. Many of us don't have the $$$$ to get a really good rig. On that E-Machine, MSTS ran just fine. But when OR first came out, the computer couldn't handle it. It would load, but worked at a snails pace.

    As I went from OR to Trainz and then Railworks, I had better computers, more smoother operation. (But in the case of Trainz, 3 computers all a little better and serve overheating. Nothing new many have reported this.)

    With the computer I own now, the best I've ever had, OR and RW run nice and smooth. Trainz stills overheats this one as well so Trainz is history in my book. My two cents.
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