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    Has anyone actually been able to get this route to work? Aside from searching out and installing all the missing files - I can't get this route to work at all. If anyone has it and got it working, please pass a little advice, hints and tips my way - I'd sure appreciate it!!!

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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    You got this from Elvas Tower right? It has 5 files that need to all be downloaded. Did you download all 5?

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    Also, the readme says Scalerail and Scaleroads is required. If you don't have those files you're out of luck. 3DTrains is no longer active. Asking for someone to send you those will get you into trouble here and other forums.

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    All 5 files were downloaded several years ago and I have them saved to disc. I have Scalerail saved as well. Nowhere did I mention that I was requesting a bootleg copy of Scalerail. Just trying to figure out why nothing is meshing.

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    When you install Scale Rail it will put the shapes in the Global/Shapes folder and it will create a folder in the Global called ScaleRail where it will put all of the textures and documentation.
    It's up to you to decide which textures to copy to your Routes/Textures folder.
    I think there are variations of old or new maybe concrete ties and it depends on the textures you copy over. Somebody else may be better qualified to speak on this.
    The documentation is pretty through.


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    Thanks all - got it figured out. Misplaced a few files somewhere along the way. Up and running now


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