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Thread: Scenes along the Mattawamkeag Subdivision

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    Default Scenes along the Mattawamkeag Subdivision

    Was called out yesterday morning for Eastern Maine Railways 208 job out of Brownville Jct, ME to Saint John, NB. I went only as far as Vanceboro, ME, as I was covering for the normal guy on that job, that wasn't rested.

    After we made a lift at Hardy Pond, we passed through Mattawamkeag with an interesting line up of power, NBSR SD40-2 #8145, PRLX SD60M #6767, NBSR SD40-2 #6318, and GMTX GP40N #3051, pulling 60 loads, 7 empties. At least we've been getting some rain lately.

    Couple of notes:
    I will be posting on here with scene shots and progress shots of the route. Considering it has heavy payware items involved from Trainsimulations, I don't see this route ever being released, so there will probably be a couple of scenes I'll actually showcase and scenic the heck out of. (Brownville Jct-Hardy Pond, Kirby-Mattawamkeag, Bancroft-Danforth, Vanceboro-McAdam)
    Plus, I am using the heck out of three track types. The US Tracks, Scale Rail, and X-Tracks.

    Yesterday train we actually had the line up of 8145, 6767, 6315, 3052.

    6767 is based on the wrong model, I never had the opportunity to purchase the SD60I's from TS when they were available.
    3051 is a work in progress based on the MRL GP40. It's the closest model available without any major pieces needed via Freight Animation.
    -Shawn K-

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    Alongside Kirby Siding, and bending round the curve into Mattawamkeag.

    -Shawn K-

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