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Thread: Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC

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    Default Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC

    Looking for an old PC Game I used to play a long time ago, please?

    "Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC." for Windows 10.
    To Purchase and Download.

    However, cannot find a Download Link to do so. Is the Game too old for modern Day/newer Computers Please?

    The Video works in Windows 10, so I assume the game will to. but there is no Purchase/Download Link to be found.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Paul,
    You can find almost anything using Google!!
    Have a look here :

    However, I'd be very surprised if it worked in Windows 10, but you never know!! It might need some tweaks

    Most videos, even very old ones, can usually be played in a modern OS, but the game is a different "kettle of fish"!


    EDIT : It might be best to forget it, Paul!! It appears to need the CD ROM to run - a bit like the original MSTS.
    Also available is a .iso file from which a CD could be burned, or mounted in Win 10, but I'm not sure that the site is legal. The game might be official abandonware, or not!
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