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Thread: Real-life train driver plays TSW3

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    There never wil be an editor in TSW as it's geared towards console players and you can't edit games in XBox and Playstation like you can on a home computer. The young lady driver stated in her video, the game is basically driving a train from a-b, which we knew already, we only have pre-created scenarios to utilise, there is no ''freeroam'' function to allow us to drive anywhere we want to on the maps, and change junctions to allow us to drive on all the trackwork that DTG have provided, how on earth can they call this a Simulator, it's an arcade game. Looking at the screenshots on the other thread everywhere seems to be a wishy washy bleached out environment, with bland textures, brilliantly dazzling sunshine which is not authentic for the British routes and hardly any clutter by the sides of the tracks, paper, cardboard, supermarket trollies, etc, etc, we have this in TS Classic, which certainly offers much more scenery assets for the game and makes the layouts far more realistic.
    Can't get excited about this version of TSW at all, no wow factor, I'll stick to what we have already in Train Simulator Classic, from trams to steam locos, old and new diesel and electric locomotives from across the globe, more than enough to keep us going for as long as we want.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    Can't say much about Run8 as I've never bought it or played around with it.
    I've only got MSTS, ORTS, Trainz, Train Simulator 2020, and Train Sim Worlds to compared.

    We all know how janky MSTS was, so that's already out the window.
    But ORTS compared to the others, physics are always being improved and feel like reality.
    Train Simulator, and Train Sim World just seem more like they prefer eye candy looks compared to actual movements of trains.

    Of course, I've played with TSW on both PC and Xbox, so it's interesting, I noticed physics wise it seems to handle a little more realistic on PC versus the Xbox.
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    There is no other sim that comes even close to the the real life experience of driving a real train than Run8. We are small but Mighty team of real train engineers and people who know about trains. Try it it might find you like it.

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    In North America it seems that is the consensus. Considering the number of current and former crews who use Run8. Now SimRail seems very authentic looking as far as Poland goes. But I really don't have enough experience or insight on how it compares to a Zusi or the others (whatever they are).

    I sincerely wish TSW would simply get better and include a proper world save like Run8, and at least better feeling physics. Railroader from what I understand has lots of the Run8 stuff but is more geared to being fun then a full blow simulator like Run8 is.

    I also would like to see Run8 cover more areas and have some extra cash I'd be happy to part with for the right DLC product(s). Much more interested in new regions than rolling stock or add ons to existing regions. Otherwise AI switching would be the holy grail because then it could pretty much handle any region regardless of the size or number of participants in real time.


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    I'm currently embarking on a "Festival Of Germany" in TSW. Most of the German routes and traction are very good, a cut above the rest. Currently having a blast with the G6 on the Bremen to Oldenburg route.

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