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Thread: Mike retires and end of support for TS Tools

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    Default Mike retires and end of support for TS Tools

    Please read here - Atomic Systems - View Topic - End of TS-Tools - 1-2 (

    For those who cannot access the website, here is the complete post.

    Just to let you all know, due to age/ill health, I will no longer be able to carry out any further changes to TS-Tools. My web site is closing down, and I will probably be moving to Tasmania to live with my daughter once her new home there is ready.

    As I don't yet know which ISPs are available out there in the Southern Ocean, I am not sure if my current main email address will still be available, so if anyone needs to contact me direct, use (hidden email) at least that one will not change.

    Thanks to all those who have supported/helped me over the last 14 years or so with TS-Tools and even longer with Route Riter, it has been a great time, but I suppose all good things must end. I will of course keep an eye on these forums for the time being.

    Regards to you all, Mike

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    as UKTRAINSIM seems to be a minefield, according to my AV, I'm hoping Mike checks in here occasionally.

    Thank you Mike for the many, many years of wonderful support for MSTS and Railworks in it's many iterations.

    Have a great time in the Apple Isle, and I pray everything goes well.

    Best regards

    Daniel (I still use your final version of RR).
    Daniel - Sydney (Glad I'm not in Townsville)
    It used to be my favourite place in the world.

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    Mike has served us well over the years, first with his Route Riter for MSTS and latterly with RW/TS Tools for Railworks/TSC. I wish him well in his retirement and sincerely thank him for providing utilities that Dovetail and their predecessors never thought to include to make life easier.

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    Seconded, top man Mike. I would not have become that interested in Railworks\TS\TSC. Without the help of RW Tools\TS Tools.

    The utilities were a godsend, for solving all sorts of in game problems.

    As was RouteRiter for MSTS and OR.

    Enjoy your retirement and may it last for many many years to come.

    Yma O Hyd

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