So i got Rick Bergs Monon Route running on OR and everything works fine in the 1950s era, it isn't until i era swap to any other era that i get this code. it doesn't happen immediately either. the route starts up fine but when i get a couple yards out with my consist it crashes and gives me the code. any help would be appreciated!

here is the full error code.

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must
be non-negative and less than the size of the collection,
Parameter name: index
rgument argument, ExceptionResource resourte)
at Orts.Viewer3D.TrackSoundSource.UpdateTType(Boolean
stateChange) in C:Venkins Jobs Open Ralls
Stable\workspace\Source RunActivity Vlewer30 Sound esiline 303
at Orts. Viewer3D. TrackSoundSource Update0 in CVenkinsVobs\Open
alls StablelworkspacelSource\RunActivity\Vlewer3D(Sound ,cstline334
at Orts, Viewer3D.Processes, SoundProcess,Sound@ in
C/VenkinsUobs\Open Rails
Stable\workspace\Source\RunActivity Viewer3D\Processes SoundProces
< csiline 132
at Orts. Viewer3D.Protesses, SoundProcess. Dosoundo in
C/VenkinsVobs|Open Rails