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Thread: Best ReShade settings for night time activities?

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    Default Best ReShade settings for night time activities?

    I have been playing around with ReShade in the past few hours and I'm very pleased with all the realism you can add with it. I was wondering, are there a specific set of presets that go really well with a night time activity?

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    If it helps, here's a screenshot of some of what I use. My options are tweaked using the individual sliders for each preset, and my goal was darker environment, helping to hide objects from being too bright. I was mostly after darker skies, darker trees/vegetation, and between using these settings, adjusting cloud thickness, and adding bits of overcast (the OR keypad options), I like what I've come up with. Especially good for the more rural settings.

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    Yeah, I've noticed The Signals( Not RXR/Grade Crossings ) are like, WAY TOO BRIGHT @ Night, & STICK OUT like a,"Sore Thumb( so to Speak )! lol

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    Neil you've really mastered ReShade if you ever have time for a tutorial I'd sure use it!
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    I tried Neil's settings. On my computer, the shading is just a bit too dark, so results obviously vary from computer to computer. That said, Neil's setting are a great place to start. I've been tweaking the sliders on his settings, adding and subtracting some of the checkboxes, etc., and I've gotten some really neat results. I like to run trains in night settings with clouds and snow and--with Reshade--I've gotten it to look pretty realistic. What one can do is to load an activity, but not actually start running it. Then use the "Home" key to open the Reshade menu, then adjust settings. One can see the result in the sim. Once the settings look good, hit the Home key again to close the Reshade box, then Esc to start the activity. I haven't needed to do it, but I suspect that one could pause the activity, hit the Home key to open the Reshade box again, then adjust the settings on the fly, then go back to the activity. Note: hitting the Home key will also send the sim to the engineer cab-out view, but one can hit another camera key, 2 for example, to change the view while keeping the Reshade box open to adjust settings. Thanks to Neil for his help and suggestions.

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