Just installed the L&N/CSX Knoxville Sub route. Its roadbed textures along the route have lots of flicker throughout the entire route, running on ORTS 1.5. When I say flicker, grass textures under the roadbed flashing in front of the locomotive as it progresses down the line. Appears between double tracks, too.

Probably the first time I've run a route that uses MTracks. Tried turning off Model Instancing in my OR settings but no change. And haven't yet experimented with my NVidia gpu settings, but all my other many routes run A-OK, beautifully, with no roadbed flicker. I've seen mention of similar problems in OR in the past with UK fine scale track.

Just me or anyone else running the L&N Knoxville Division route seen it?

The route:
MSTS/ORTS Route--L&N/CSX Knoxville Sub
Name: kdsub_wrap.zip
Size: 323,527,740 Date: 12-25-2020 Downloads: 714