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Thread: Load Error problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumberman View Post
    Hi Daniel,
    I have the same load error.
    On the Aleghany Route. ble_s_01....ble_y_07.....bo_fs_02_nknat.
    i know you had a load error issue. how did you correct it?
    Thank You!!
    Hi Jim

    In this case my error was caused by replacing the stock in the player consist
    which lead to an over length consist, but I have had other load errors where that was
    not the cause.


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    When an engine is missing from the Trainset and that engine is listed as the lead in a consist the OR Menu displays "Load error" in the Engine selection box. So one could assume when the OR Menu lists "Load Error" in the Activity selection something that the Activity calls is not in the correct location such as a Path or Service file. Suggest that the OP open the Activity and verify that all the Paths and services called by the activity are present in their respective folder.

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